Vigilant 130dB Personal Alarm – Backup Whistle

You don’t have to be brilliant to know that the world these days is a scary place. In an instant something dangerous can happen. Whether you’re in an unfamiliar city, a dark motel, or even just at the store, being attacked is no joke. When attackers come up to you, they don’t expect you to make much noise. If you do make noise, it’s a scream. That’s usually a sound that people are going to run from, except your attacker. The attacker is prepared to hear this scream, so it doesn’t shock them at all. However, they are not prepared to hear the loud siren of an alarm. When you wear a personal alarm, you’re equipping yourself with a self-defense safety measure that you don’t have to do anything for. The alarm goes off with the press of a button, scaring off the attacker. It is also a noise that people are used to hearing, so they will run toward it to help rather than run in fear. This personal alarm is great for women on college campuses, children walking to the bus stop, or men on business trips in unfamiliar areas.

Best Features

There are a lot of personal alarms on the market, so it can be hard to decide which one to get. The reason you should buy this one is because it simply works better than the others out there. The alarm is really loud at 130 dB. The off button to make the alarm stop is hidden, so only you will know how to get it to turn off. There is also a key chain so you can easily attach it to your purse or backpack that you are carrying around. It is easy to switch to whatever bag you are carrying because it comes with a key ring clip. There are also three different colors to choose from. The alarm itself comes with batteries so you don’t need to switch them out. You should test them every 10 months or so, but they should last for a full year without any problem. It also comes with a full one year warranty.

What’s Included

When you purchase this alarm you get the alarm, the key ring, the key ring clip, and included LR44 batteries.


This alarm takes watch batteries, which you can find at any store to replace them when the time comes around. The personal alarm is small, so attackers won’t guess that you have it on you. The noise is also very loud and continues to be loud until the off button is pressed.


It might be hard to reach the alarm button when attacked if it isn’t close to you.

Final Verdict

If you need to feel safer wherever you are, this personal alarm can help. While it isn’t a self-defense measure to help you remain unharmed, it does help a problem from every happening. Just like intruders run from home alarms, your attacker is going to want to get far away from this personal alarm.