Tacklife ELY01 Advanced Electric-Arc Lighter USB Rechargeable No Spark & Smell Front Flexible Elbow 360°Rotation More than 1000 Times Spark per Charge with Safety Switch & Windproof for BBQ, Camping

There’s always an opportunity to light things, but it can be hard to get a good light with a gas powered lighter. In addition to that, gas can run out and you don’t even realize it. This creates an issue when you need to light something immediately. Just think of how bad that would be if you were in an emergency situation and couldn’t get your lighter to work! If you want to do away with regular lighters, there is a better way to do it. You don’t have to light with a gas powered lighter that blows out as soon as a gust of wind comes its way. Now, you can get a lighter that is powered by electricity. That means all you have to do is charge the lighter and you are good to go. There’s no refilling the gas, having the flame blown out, or anything of that nature. This lighter is safe, easy to use, and will be so much better than the countless lighters that are subpar that you have lying around your house.

Best Features

This lighter has a safety feature so you need to slide the orange safety switch while pressing the on button to get it to light. This is great so that little kids don’t get into it and mess something up or accidentally cause a fire. Plus, this lighter has a no spark, no smell design. It is flameless, and has no smell. The handle is long and keeps you a safe distance from the fire so you won’t get burned. The lighter is rechargeable by USB. There is a low power indicator, but you can use the lighter 1,000 times before it needs to be charged again. There is an auto shut off and rotation elbow. After 10 seconds the light will go away to help prolong the battery. The lighter is also weather resistant and won’t be blown out by strong winds because it is an electric pulse rather than a flame.

What’s Included

When you order this lighter you will receive the lighter, the user manual, the warranty card, and the 24 month warranty.


This lighter won’t fail like the traditional ones, which makes it great for emergency situations. The electric pulse is cool to watch, and it is much stronger than a traditional flame. You won’t have to buy any more disposable lighters because you can recharge this one more than 500 times.


Some users had a hard time getting it to light when they first used it. There are a few tricks you have to use to get a steady light.

Final Verdict

Overall, this is a great lighter that can take away the need for traditional lighters. It is rechargeable, easy to use, and won’t fail you in an emergency.