Mountain House Just In Case… Breakfast Bucket

Whether you need some breakfast for camping or you just want a great option for your food storage or survival kits, this one made by Mountain House is sure to please everyone. At first glance, the price looks to be a bit high. It’s $88 for the bucket, but what you get it amazing. There are 16 pouches of food in the bucket, and that makes for 30 servings total. You’ll end up spending less than $3 a serving to feed your family, which is an amazing deal. The bucket is really convenient because it keeps everything together so that it will never be lost. Also, the food is actually really tasty. It is a great option for a quick breakfast that is going to fill you up and give you the nutrients you need to survive. It can easily store in your home’s kitchen or in some king of closet.

Best Features

This breakfast bucket can be taken with you if you go camping. If you’re hiking with a bunch of different people, this is a great way to affordably feed everyone who is attending the campout. With 30 servings, it will feed everyone for less than $3 a serving. That’s way cheaper than you could feed everyone at McDonalds! The best part about this breakfast bucket is that the meals actually taste good. There are four different options to choose from and each taste great. With scrambled eggs and ham, scrambled eggs and bacon, granola with blueberries, and a breakfast skillet, you’re sure to please everyone who is in your party. The food is done in less than 10 minutes, and you can eat straight from the pouch! There’s literally no clean up involved, so you don’t have to make a mess trying to cook on the morning after camping.

What’s Included

With this breakfast bucket you will get four scrambled eggs with ham and peppers, four breakfast skillet, four scrambled eggs with bacon, and four granola with blueberries. You also get the bucket that holds all of the pouches.


The food is actually delicious. A lot of food that is made for camping or survival situations don’t taste very good, but this one is actually delicious. Each of the four meals are tasty, and none of your group will remember that it came out of a pouch. All you have to do is add some warm water to the pouch and you’ll have a steaming hot breakfast waiting for you that tastes great.


These pouches contain a lot of allergens, so they might not be the best option for a survival kit if your family has any food allergies.

Final Verdict

If you want some food storage that is going to taste great, you can’t go wrong with this breakfast bucket. Your family will be begging to eat this on a regular day after trying it!