Kaito KA550 5-Way Powered AM/FM Shortwave NOAA Weather Emergency Radio with PEAS

A disaster strikes and all your power goes out. If you are not prepared, this is a pretty scary situation. You’ll find that it is impossible to see what is going on around you without a radio. Radio is still the only way that people can communicate in times of disaster. However, if there’s no power then that is pretty hard to figure out how to get on the FM or AM radio stations. Now, there is a better option. Kaito has made a radio that can be powered five different ways. You’ll never be without important information or news with this radio.

Best Features

This radio can be powered five different ways. You can use your hand to crank the hand crank generator, there is a solar panel, it can be powered by batteries, it can be plugged into a wall, or there is a rechargeable battery park. There is coverage of all the AM and FM stations so that you will not miss out on anything during your time of need. There’s an output port so that you can charge your phone. This is especially important for when there is a disaster so you can get in contact with others. Charging your phone is perhaps the most important thing you can do during a disaster to let others know you are okay and need help. There is also a reading lamp, an LED flashlight, and an SOS beacon light. The antenna helps because it extends up to 14.5 inches so that there is higher sensitivity. The radio itself is water resistant and the speaker is very loud. It can work both indoors or outdoors and the material is impact resistant ABS material.

What’s Included

With this radio you’ll get the rechargeable battery pack, the radio, the attached hand crank, the LED reading light, flashlight, and SOS beacon light.


You don’t need to worry about this radio failing you because if worst comes to worst you can always crank it with your hand. Even if you don’t plan to use it as a radio, the charging port is worth the cost. For just $50, you can have as much charging to your phone and GPS that you need. The radio works really well, and the sound is high quality. It works well when there is rain and it shouldn’t bother it at all. It is the perfect addition to your emergency survival kits.


It is a fairly small unit, which is both good and bad. It also takes a lot of hand cranking for it to stay on.

Final Verdict

All in all, this is a great product for emergencies. While it might not be something you use every day, you’ll be happy you have it when a disaster strikes. From charging your phone to weather and city updates, this radio has you covered. You’ll even have light whenever you need, which is invaluable.